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Manash Ranjan Jena Paintng CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Manash Ranjan Jena

Code : 1452
Size : 36″ x 48″
Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas
INR 100,000
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About the Artwork:

BANSURI ( FLUTE): The bansuri is a transverse flute of North Asia made from a single hollow shaft of bamboo with six or seven finger holes. An ancient musical instrument associated
with cowherds and the pastoral tradition, it is intimately linked to the love story of Krishnala and Radha and is also depicted in Buddhist paintings from around 100 CE. The Bansuri is revered as Lord Krishna’s divine instrument and is often associated with Krishna’s Rasa lila; mythological accounts tell of the tunes of Krishna’s flute having a spellbinding and enthralling effect not only on the women of the Braj, but even on the animals of the region. Bansuris range in size from less than 12″ to nearly 40”.

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